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Meet Kelly

About the Owner
Kelly is an aromatherapist, certified raw nutritionist, and shop owner, as well as, a nature lover and a health food enthusiast.  Her articles, products and recipes have been published in World Yoga Magazine, The Milky Way: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding on a Raw Food Diet, Raw Mom, 123 Raw, Super Raw Life Magazine, Raw for Beauty Raw Recipes Book, Go Local Magazine, 21 Days of Raw Vegan Meal Plans and Recipes, and more. Kelly has appeared on the CBS talk show Better Connecticut and is a contributor for the NATURAWL Lifestyle blog. Kelly handcrafts and/or hand selects all of the products made available by NATURAWL. 
  Kelly resides in Connecticut with her husband and five children.  Her ecotique and manufacturing studio are located in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.